Dean’s Award(s) for Industry Builder :)

Dean's Award(s) for Industry Builder :)

We are so honoured that Dean Stairs was awarded the Industry Builder Award at the MusicNL Conference this weekend
We share this award with you (perhaps even literally, as during his acceptance speech, Dean broke the trophy in two!)
To be sure, an industry cannot be built without the clients and support of of the local community. We thank you, Lewisporte, Twillingate, Gander, Grand Falls and Gambo and all of the smaller towns in the area that have visited the Citadel house as recording artists or guests at the House Concerts. We thank you, touring artists, for coming from far and wide to offer us your lovely music. We thank you, Industry Professionals, in the MusicNL, ECMA, Waves, and WaveLabs communities for giving us the chance to succeed and be a part of your great organizations!

(We also thank you Stairs children for your baking, cleaning, and hospitality during any and all events!)

We feel the love, and thank you!!!

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